Information and communication

Distance learning in developing countries has emerged as a way of widening access to education for tertiary applicants who qualify but could not otherwise gain admission due to the limited space in the existing tertiary institutions. The delivery of the program in Ghana, a developing country in Africa, is predominantly print-based and is supported with regular face-to-face tutori- als. In this process students face several challenges that could be supported with information and communication technology (ICT). The study looked at the extent to which, at their personal level, students utilize the few ICT facilities that are available in their localities that could form a basis for making a case for the use of interactive electronic platforms in the distance learning programs. The results revealed that both male and female learners have some access to and utilize ICT fa- cilities. They have moderate knowledge and usage of the Internet. Distance learning institutions in developing countries could, therefore, take opportunity of this and gradually introduce some basic ICT applications such as e-mails, text messages, phone contacts, a website for providing detailed information, application and registration, uploading and downloading supplementary readers and other services to facilitate interaction among learners and the institutions. This way not only will quality be enhanced but also those in the remotest parts of developing countries could be conveniently reached.


~ oleh dianacakes pada Juli 25, 2009.

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